Electric Water HeaterWater Heater Rebate Program

The water heater rebate program is for all CMS Electric consumers, home or business. The program is used by CMS to improve the load factor of our system. The higher load factor that is reached with the installation of energy efficient electric water heaters helps the overall efficiency of our electrical system.

Qualifications for Water Heaters: The minimum unit size is 40 gallons. There is not a rebate available for on-demand electric water heaters. 

Electric Heating Rebate Program

As with the water heater program, the electric heating program is open to all our consumers, home or business. This program is also used to increase the load factor of our system, in addition to promoting the installation of more efficient heating systems.

Surge Suppression Device Program

For a $5.00 monthly fee, we offer a surge suppression device. The device provides protection for appliances and some electronic equipment for residential customers. The manufacturer of the device will also provide a limited product warranty.

For more information on any of the programs, please contact our office 800-794-2353